GNU 68K/Coldfire C/C++ Compiler
Free download of a GNU 68K/Coldire C/C++ compiler distribution.

ASH WARE – Embedded Software Tools since 1994


  • Includes Assembler, Compiler, Make, and various other GNU utilities.
  • Runs under Windows NT and XP using Cygwin.  For Windows 7, it must be run in XP Mode.
  • Version is egcs-1.1.2 / gcc-2.91.66.
  • Produces COFF, which includes symbolic information for source-level debugging.
  • Intel Hex (IHEX, HEX), Freescale S-Records (SREC, SRECORD) for ROM programming.
  • For use with Freescale's 68K (68000, 68331, 68332, 68333, 68336, 68338, 68340, 68376, other CPU32, etc.) and Coldfire microcontrollers.
  • Distributed 'as-is' without warranty.

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